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Stop Smart Meter Song

"Let us praise you while we can
Joyous woman, smart meter man.
Though our lives have shorter span
Thanks to you smart meter plan …"

"One, two, three, four,
Smart meters, this is war …"

The song is called "Intimidation," also known as "Smart Meter Plan" by Sharka and Shane Griffo. Check it out!

Jon Woodhouse Says No Smart Meters

Fabulous Letter to the Editor published in the Maui Weekly by Jon Woodhouse, who happens to be a reporter for the Maui News! Awesome that he submitted his letter and can’t help but wonder why he didn’t submit to the Maui News. Could it be because they have yet to publish anything other than industry propaganda? Thank you Jon for voicing the truth about smart meters!

Highly Incriminating Report Against Smart Meters

Daniel Hirsch, radiation expert and senior lecturer at UCSC says a widely distributed industry report misrepresents smart meter radiation exposure by several orders of magnitude. He says smart meter radiation exposure is up to 160 times more than a cell phone. This is extremely important as a favorite ploy of smart meter proponents is to say that smart meters emit less radiation than cell phones. Wrong again! More here:

Not All Digital Meters are Smart Meters

I’m posting a public reply to the previous question to help clear up confusion. Smart meters are digital but not all digital meters are smart meters. We’ve been told that they are not currently installing smart meters anywhere else on Maui except in Maui Meadows and only with permission. However, 9400 smart meters were installed on Oahu in a pilot project that ended in 2010. That project failed and HECO was denied a second pilot project by the PUC. It’s difficult to tell the difference between a smart meter and a digital meter. We were told the digital meters, or net meters or networked meters as they are called, do not have memory and do not communicate with a smart grid whereas smart meters do. I know it’s confusing but I hope this helps!

form to sign

Hi does anyone know where I get a form to put on my meter that says i do not want a smart meter? My neighbor here in Haiku has had one put in without his consent or knowledge and i fear the same, i was told by someone that there is a form to sign and post but where do i get it? Thanks for the help!

Electro-Pollution and Autism

A study on the possible link between autism and electromagnetic radiation levels in the mother’s bedroom during pregnancy. This study includes, among other things, measures of radio frequency radiation, such as emitted from smart meters, and shows a strong correlation. This is of concern because smart meters can be mounted outside bedroom walls and they cannot be turned off.

Here’s the link (scroll down for this article):

Opposition is Mounting: Two States Hold Off Deployment

Bloomberg News recently reported about two entire states (Connecticut and Iowa) and dozens of local governments that are delaying deployment of smart meters. The decisions to hold off were based on increasing opposition and complaints.

Here is the link to "Smart Meter Defiance Slows $29 Billion US Grid Upgrade":