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Just read your blog on hacking. Scarey and fascinating at the same time. I predict that a hacked smart grid will stop the smart meter menace once and for all.

As a resident on Kauai battling the smart grid fiasco, I do hope that the people of Maui will take heed concerning the lessons learned on Kauai. Now I discover that our Gov. Abercrombie is making arrangements with the Japanese to install cables to connect (God forbid) the future smart grid of Hawaii to the Mainland. And here we were told by our fake co-op, Kauai IslandUtility Co-op which has violated every co-op principal and value in the book, that the smart meter is only intended to save us electricity as if we didn’t have the sense to do it ourselves? So what’s with the cables? Could it possibly be a plan to control humanity worldwide? Ah, I tell you people of Maui.. beware of smart meters, unless of course you approve of a fascist police state controlling your every move.

First we get the National Defense Authorization Act, then local spy drones, 30,000 of them competing for space in our skies with commercial aircraft (WATCH OUT AND FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS) AND NOW SMART METERS— ALL OF THESE ATROCITIES AIMED AT THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR LIBERTIES. My dear brothers and sisters in Maui, you best nip these smart meters in the bud while you have the chance.